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First IMAS Disability Awareness course held

April 27, 2011

The first IMAS disability awareness course took place on april 10th in Greater Manchester UK.

Course participants were all local black belt Jiu Jitsu instructors who had decided to make a firm commitment towards their classes becoming more equally accessible, so serving their respective communities more fairly and effectively.

This specially tailored, half day course has been designed in order to act as an introduction for instructors to the various issues involved in making martial arts a level playing field for all, and includes such aspects as:

  • Defining Special Training Needs (STN)
  • Statistics
  • Moral and Legal responsibilities
  • Appropriateness and differentiation
  • Special considerations and modifications
  • Accessing further information, training and resources
  • Encouraging STN participation and inclusion in the local martial arts class
  • Strategies for increasing awareness in the local community

Consequently, the course was jam-packed full of useful information, advice and practical guidance upon this complex subject. All participants enjoyed the course and felt they had gotten a lot out of attending and had become far more aware and better prepared than they had been regarding this important aspect of equality, accessibility and inclusion. Congratulations to all those who attended, and lets make sure we all implement what we have learned!

If you would like to attend or even organise one of these special courses for your own club/association, then please contact the IMAS admin department for more information