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A professional web-presence at an affordable price

August 28, 2011

We live in an electronic age. Communication technology has helped make the world a very small place indeed, with our ability to send messages now being almost instantaneous.

A good, strong web-presence is absolutely vital these days, and the way your website looks and the information and pictures it contains can convey the important messages you want far more effectively than any other medium.

Yes, I know there are ways of designing our own websites for free, but: We also know how dreadful these can end up looking, and this can reflect upon your club or association in an extremely negative way. You can do everything else as well as you might but all this effort will be in vain if you don’t carry this through to your website.

Once it is up and running, your website is there 24/7 for anyone, anywhere to access the information and contact details they need for your club/association and, in this way alone, a good website can soon pay dividends.

There are a lot of credible companies out there that will design websites for you, and do a very good job of it as well. Unfortunately, most of these charge an extortionate amount for their services and some won’t even listen properly to what you want, or advise you as to how to make it better.

In addition, very few of the people that run these companies are practicing martial artists themselves, and so are out of touch when it comes to appreciating your particular wants and needs. And that is what makes Martial Webs so very different.

Martial Webs is a company that is run by lifelong practitioners of the martial arts, and is dedicated to providing a professional service at an affordable rate to martial arts clubs and associations. They will provide help, guidance and advice and will listen to what you want and help you to achieve that outcome. With the result being a professional looking, informative website of which you can rightfully be proud.

I am not a great one for marketing, as some of you will know, but, as a lecturer and instructor, I do appreciate the value of effective communication and the importance of being able to get the right message across. And thats why I both understand and endorse the excellent services this company provides to the martial arts fraternity.

So, if you are considering getting your first ever website, or updating the one you already have, I would strongly advise you to have a look at what this company has to offer.

Important: Already being very reasonable, this company offers preferential rates to members of the IMAS.