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IMAS Partnerships

February 11, 2013

Parties and suitably qualified individuals wishing to explore the possibility of delivering IMAS courses and qualifications should contact admin in the first instance.

IMAS is happy to hear from schools, colleges, universities, institutes, martial arts clubs and associations who are interested in both our educational programmes and our research projects.

IMAS currently offers the following programmes, among others:


Martial Arts Education Programme for Schools. (Links training directly to certain aspects of the national curriculum, and includes a self defence/personal safety module)

Martial Arts Instructor Award. (Modern teaching and learning methods, assessments and operating policies as applied to the instruction of martial arts)

Graduate of the Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences. (Advances professional qualification similar to degree level studies)


In addition, the IMAS also conducts research into various aspects of the martial arts, combat sports and related fields which is published both electronically in our peer reviewed journal, and as hard copy in our yearbooks.

If your organisation would be interested in working with us, then please feel free to contact our admin office.