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SPECIAL UPDATE! IMAS Instructors College

February 12, 2016


Calling all martial arts/military/emergency service instructors.


The Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences in partnership with the Teaching and Learning Academy can now help you to convert your years of training and experience into accredited and accepted teaching qualifications that carry academic credits with them at the under graduate/post graduate levels.

Duration and cost?

These courses are short (average about three months to complete) and extremely cheap (225 GBP (special introductory offer)). They are delivered via supervised and supported distance learning and there is no need to attend any formal examination as they are assessed through your completed written work (called a Recognition Project)

Whats in it for me?

Upon completion of the Recognition Project you will receive a TLA certificate and be entitled to use the letters AMTLA  (Associate Member Teaching and Learning Academy) after your name(this will be in addition to your IMAS post nominals). You will also be provided with a transcript of the TLA award that you may use for Accreditation for Prior Learning should you wish to engage with further study.

In addition your name will automatically be entered into the institutes official register of qualified instructors.

Who is eligible?

Anyone in the martial arts/military/police/security or other emergency service who is directly involved in instructing or coaching others. If this is you then you automatically qualify for entry to these courses. (if you are not already involved in teaching but would like to become an instructor then contact us for more info about are special primer courses). All these courses are available at the international level.


These courses will help you convert your knowledge skills and experience into recognised qualifications. These qualifications can help you in your career in the martial arts/military/police etc. But they can also help you outside of those aspects of your life as well. They can help you to broaden your horizons by transferring what you already know and have into the worlds of education or academia. They can help you get into a good university and either study for a degree or go on to a higher degree. At the very least they will help you to prove to yourself you are good at what you do and get the recognition you deserve for doing it! They will also prove to others that you are are professional at what you do and are intelligent and capable enough to earn a Higher Education Qualification from the prestigious Teaching and Learning Academy.


This is big and it is important for you! All those interested need to get in touch as soon as possible. The first intake for these courses will be this coming april we have already had a huge reaction so you need to register your interest to secure your place.