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New recipient of the IMAS Senior Fellowship announced!

October 14, 2017

Hearty congratulations to Prof. Grayston meijin who was awarded the institutes senior fellowship at the recent kodosai cultural event that took place in Basildon.

The senior fellowship is the highest honour the IMAS can bestow and is reserved for those rare and special individuals who have worked tirelessly their whole lives to further the martial arts by preserving and promoting them for future generations to come!

Prof. Grayston meijin is such a person. As well as being the founder of the Shindo Ryu karate system he is the also president of the Kodo Butoku Renmei which is a large international organisation numbering some of the most senior martial arts masters among its members. In addition Prof. Grayston is a noted exponent of the art of Shodo (traditonal Japanese calligraphy) and is very well known and respected in Japan/Okinawa.