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Masters degree programmes in martial arts now available.

March 21, 2018

The IMAS, in conjunction with the International Academy of Defense and Security and the Euro – Balkan university, Macedonia will now be offering masters programmes for suitable candidates. These programmes are as follows.

Master of Arts (MA) in Martial Arts Studies (open to all suitably qualified martial artists)

Master of Science (MSc) in Applied Martial Arts (Military/Police/Security candidates)


The entry requirements will reflect both the nature of these courses and the type of candidate they have been formulated to attract.

  1. Anyone who has previously completed the BA (Hons) in Martial Arts Theory and Practice under Prof. Charles Spring at the University of Derby
  2. Anyone who has successfully completed Recognition Project 2 of the Teaching and Learning Academy under Prof. Scott Buckler
  3. Anyone having received their BSc in Physical Education under Prof. Doaa Shawkey of Helwan university, Cairo, Egypt.
  4. Anyone who has completed the Grad. IMAS under Prof. Lee-Barron
  5. Anyone who already possesses a bachelors degree (or equivalent professional qualification from a recognised body) and who also holds the martial arts rank of 3rd dan (or equivalent) in any martial art (must have been awarded from a reputable organisation)
  6. Any military/police/security officer holding a supervisory post and/or the post of instructor/trainer in defensive tactics/control and restraint/close combat and who possesses the rank of at least 3rd dan (or equivalent) from an recognised organisation)
  7. Any senior grade who possesses the rank of at least 5th dan from a recognised martial arts organisation and who has enough additional training/qualifications/experience to be deemed worthy of a place on these courses.
  8. Any/all other applicants who feel they might be eligible via the application of the institutes robust APEL policy and procedures. (senior ranks from 6th dan (or equivalent) and above who can demonstrate the necessary abilities and requirements to be accepted onto the course)

All applications will be dealt with on an individual basis and in strictest confidence. More information upon these masters origrammes will be given at our upcoming course/conference taking place at the university of Derby on April the 21st and there will also be similar announcements to this in the next edition of our journal so please stay tuned. You may also express your interest by either posting on our Facebook page or sending an email to