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University of Derby Event!

April 17, 2018

IMAS Research Theory into Practice Programme
We will be putting mats down and setting up from 9.30am so any and all help welcome.
10-10-10am Introduction to day, housekeeping Spring Shihan. Introducing the delivery team.
10.10-10.30am Jaimie Lee-Barron Hanshi FIMAS Personal and professional development opportunities for martial artists with the IMAS
10.30-11.15 Stringer Meijin FIMAS
11.15-11.45 Buckler Sifu FIMAS
11.45-12pm Break
12-12.30pm Spring Shihan FIMAS
12.30-12.50pm Spring FIMAS and Lee Hanshi FIMAS Breaking Down Barriers in Martial Arts
12.50-1.10pm Bird, Fitzgerald and Spring Shihan FIMAS
1.10pm-1.40pm Lunch
1.40-2.00pm Buckler FIMAS The psychological benefits of training in the martial arts
2.00-2.30pm Lee-Barron Hanshi FIMAS
2.30-3.00pm Clempner Shihan
3.00-315pm Break
3.15-4.00pm Grayston Meijin SFIMAS
4.00pm Q and A/Presentations
We will also have to take down at the end of the day anyone wishing to stay behind and help would be welcome.
From 5.30pm in Kedleston Road Academy Bar there is food £4/head and Drinks (your own expense) at the Bar.