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Prof. Lee Barron hanshi offers services to UK martial arts clubs/associations

May 11, 2018

As some of you will already know, working at the institute is very demanding for me in terms of both time and effort. It is also completely voluntary, and so does not help me with paying the bills.

Up to this point in time I have managed to get by through undertaking some lecturing work at my local colleges. However, this is no.longer practical and I have decided to dedicate myself full time to the development of the IMAS by offering my services both as a martial arts instructor and lecturer to martial arts clubs and groups up and down the country (UK only)

This means I can offer my technical skills as a senior grade instructor for various mainstream martial arts courses and my lecturing abilities for certain martial.arts theory classes and/or a combination of each of these aspects.

This will allow any group booking me to pick and choose what and how they would like me to.teach, and equip them with both the underpinning theories and practical applications of the martial arts and sciences.

In turn, I would ensure that these courses were educational, informative and (above all) fun! And that they would be solid and worthwhile CPD modules with some carrying official credits that can be used towards the various IMAS courses.

At present I am limiting this to either a half day or a full days training. (3-6 hrs) which may consist of one or more of the following:


Jiu jutsu (Japanese)

Biken jutsu (Sword)

Nunchaku. Rice – flails)

Hanbo/tanto (Stick/knife)

Goshin jutsu (self defence/personal safety)


Teaching methods

Learning styles

Study skills

There is a lot more I could offer and I am always open to suggestions. However. I feel this would be a good place to start.

Having 50 years experience in the martial arts and 30 plus in education and training means that you can expect a decent service.

I would expect all expenses to be paid plus a fee. (Which would be left up to the group booking me as they must cover their own expenses as well)

If you feel this might be of some.interest then please by emailing:

Thank you


Prof. J R Lee- Barron hanshi

Kaicho Yamabushi ryu/Shugenja Kokusai  Bujutsu Renmei

President. IMAS