Institute of Martial Arts & Sciences

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Personal and Professional Development for Martial Artists

December 2, 2018


Progression Pathways

Beginners – Associate Membership Martial arts students

Blue/Brown belt or equivalent

Introduction to Instruction (Suitable for Assistant instructors)

BrownBlack belt (or equivalent)

IMAS Instructors Award

(Leading to becoming an IMAS Registered Instructor and associate membership AIMAS)

Dan grades (or equivalent)

Teaching and Learning Academy Recognition Project 1  Leading to –

1.Associate Membership Teaching and Learning Academy (AMTLA).

2.Member Institute Martial Arts and Sciences (MIMAS).

3.IMAS Registered Instructor

Teaching and Learning Academy Recognition Project 2 and/or the Graduate of the institute of Martial Arts and Sciences (courses may be taken in tangent)

Leading to the Post Nominals –

1. MTLA (Member of the Teaching and Learning Academy)

2. Grad. IMAS

Post Graduate courses (must have a first degree (or equivalent professional qualification) and usually hold the rank of 5th dan (or equivalent) or above

Eventually leading to the post nominals –

FIMAS (Fellow of the institute of Martial Arts and Sciences)

FTLA (Fellow of the Teaching and Learning Academy (conditional))

Short Courses/CPD

Health and Safety

Safeguarding/Child protection

Equality Diversity and Inclusion

First aid

Self defence/personal safety

Various Special instructor courses in certain martial arts/weaponry techniques for suitably qualified individuals culminating in participants being awarded an instructors qualification.

Praetorian Academy of Security Studies

(Some courses restricted with all applicants subject to background checks and security vetting procedures)

Control and restraint

Prisoner handling

Close Protection

Basic Scenes of Crime

Investigative techniques

Interviewing Techniques

Terrorism  Awareness Training

Information accumulation and assessment (intelligence gathering)

Military Close Quarter Combat (unarmed combat/skill at arms)