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Tactical Handcuffing Course. Bolton Feb 1st

January 22, 2020

This is a very special course on a very special skill set taught by a world renowned expert in the field.

Prof. Matt Clempner is a veteran police officer who has been a member of several elite teams during his service. A Home Office instructor he regularly teaches his skills to police and security forces all over the world. Matt is the Education and Development Officer for the international police association Defensive Tactics Group and also Director of Training for the Praetorian Academy of Security Studies.

The course will cover the safe and correct methods of securing an individual using handcuffs.

Venue. Dojo Fenikkusu at Bolton Olympic Wrestling club

Date. Saturday February 1st

Duration. to 3pm

Cost. 10. 00 GBP (5 . 00 GBP Concessions)

This s an official institute course. As such certificates will be issued to help participants fulfil CPD requrements.


Please Note. There will be a special presentation being made by the Mayor of Bolton towards the end of the course.