Institute of Martial Arts & Sciences

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Higher Education and Professional Qualifcations

IMAS is proud to work in partnership with prestigious universities and professional institutes which allow our students to access Higher Education in several subjects. These courses all consist of advanced levels of study and research, demanding years of dedication and determination from the student.

Presently, our highest martial arts studies programmes include the following:

  • Graduate of the Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences (Grad. IMAS) (Internal Advanced Professional Qualification)

Teaching and Learning Academy

  • Recognition Project 1 (AMTLA) (undergrad credits)
  • Recognition Project 2 (MTLA) (postgrad credits)

The above courses are delivered through a combination of supervised and supported distance learning augmented by regular, residential components interspersed throughout their duration.

These courses enable new members of the Institute to gain the qualifications necessary to advance through the membership process, so further adding to their credibility.

Qualifications by research


Certain candidates for our advanced qualifications may wish to earn them through process of extensive, independent research. Again, these candidates will be closely supervised and supported as much as possible, but the majority of their work will be carried out in their own time.

IMAS and the professional bodes it works with, will only award such qualifications based upon the depth, detail and extent of a submitted thesis, which will be examined by three separate members of faculty. Candidates must also pass a Viva (oral exam) wherein a board of examiners will ask them several questions regarding their work which must be answered to the satisfaction of all parties.

Students may wish to apply for the Institutes Accredited Prior Experience and Learning (APEL) service, whereby all of their past training, education, qualifications and experience will be taken into account. This can lead to a student/candidate being excused certain modules as they would already have fulfilled these requirements to the required standard.

However, it should be noted that all such APEL requires proof, and all certificates/references will be stringently checked in line with our robust quality assurance process in order to safeguard academic integrity. Consequently, there is a charge for this service.

So, whether you are looking to learn something new, increasing your existing knowledge, a stepping stone to further education or even higher education… whatever your reasons The IMAS offer a variety of flexible courses aimed specifically at Martial Artists. We offer you the freedom to study in your own time and flexibility to suit all lifestyles.

Our aim is to help you to find a course that will help you to develop as a Martial Artist / Student / Instructor and achieve your goals and ambitions gaining the recognition and status you deserve.